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TIME for Federal Universal Background Checks

Over 90% of Americans, over 80% of gun owners and over 70% of NRA members support expanded federal background checks for gun sales.  However, Congressional members in the pockets of the corporate gun lobby have blocked all background checks bills since the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Every year, busloads of Newtown Action Alliance activists, families of victims of gun violence and survivors from Newtown and around the nation hand-deliver letters to each member of Congress in support of expanded background check bills. These letters are co-signed by groups representing over 26 Million Americans.

Your voice matters!

Each congressional office tally up the number of the phone calls from their constituents on variety of issues on a daily basis. Please #OutShoutTheGunLobby by making frequent calls to your Congressional representative in both the House and the Senate by dialing the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121. 

Ask them to support background checks on sale of all guns. Since the Brady Act was signed in 1993, federal background checks have stopped more than 3 million dangerous individuals from purchasing guns. However, background checks are only required for gun sales at licensed dealers and 40% of guns are purchased without background checks through private sales (gun shows & internet).

Find more information about background checks from Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence here:

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