Our Impact

Our strategies include:

  • Collaboration with national, state, and local organizations and entities on campaigns for common sense gun safety laws and cultural change.
  • Strong and consistent federal and state political advocacy to demand common sense policies to reduce gun violence.
  • Building bridges between the rural and urban families of victims, survivors and communities impacted by gun violence.
  • Holding the gun industry and the gun lobby accountable for gun violence, death and injuries.
  • Educating fellow Americans on the economic impact of gun violence in our nation.

Donations we receive directly enable this bridge building, which helps victims and survivors use their voices to tell their stories and expand the movement in communities all across America.

Join us to use your voice. Demand that state and federal legislators get on the right side of history by putting the safety of our children, families and communities before gun industry profits. Resolve to vote for those who support common sense gun safety laws.