Sign the Petition to Stop 3D & Ghost Guns In America

-Newtown Action Alliance

Dear Donald Trump, Members of Congress, Governors and State Legislators in America:

We implore you to pass legislation to prevent dangerous individuals who are prohibited from legally acquiring firearms from using 3D technology to make his/her own 3D-printed guns and ghost guns.

3D guns are Do-It-Yourself (DIY) firearms made on demand by using Computer Aided Design (CAD) files and 3D printers. The 3D gun printing technology allows any person, anywhere in the world to make his/her untraceable guns without serial numbers, background checks, waiting periods, permits and other state and federal requirements for gun ownership. Some 3D guns are made of entirely plastic rendering them virtually undetectable by modern security technology. Other 3D guns are made of metal. 3D guns are untraceable, mostly undetectable and very accessible. 3D guns in the hands of terrorists, felons, domestic abusers and other prohibited users result in grave public safety, national security and international threat.

Ghost guns are DIY untraceable guns created from unfinished receivers without serial numbers. A drill press is used to create holes in the unfinished receiver to add other gun parts (such as the stock, barrel, trigger component, and magazine) to make a fully functional gun. Ghost Guns are exempted from federal regulation. Sellers of unfinished receivers and completion parts are not required to be licensed firearms dealers, and buyers are not subject to background checks or waiting periods. 3D guns are ghost guns.

On February 29, 2017, Eric McGinnis from Texas was arrested for using 3D technology and ghost gun parts to build his own untraceable AR-15 assault rifle. McGinnis who referred to himself as “Eric the Ruler” was unable to legally purchase a firearm from a federally-licensed gun dealer when the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) flagged him as a prohibited purchaser due to a protective order against him from an "act of family violence" against his girlfriend. He had a 'hit list' of U.S. lawmakers.

As technology advances in America, it is your responsibility to consistently close the loopholes in our gun control laws to keep guns away from dangerous individuals to keep all Americans safe.


Learn about our campaign to #Stop3Dguns and #StopGhostGuns by clicking HERE.