For Immediate Release
June 2, 2017

Press Contact:
John Kelley



Newtown, CT – The Newtown Action Alliance wholeheartedly endorses Ralph Northam for Governor of Virginia.

Lieutenant Governor Northam is a staunch advocate for the gun violence prevention movement. As a state senator, Northam stood with the Virginia Tech survivors to courageously support common sense gun safety laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and his commitment to gun violence prevention and the Virginia Tech families has not wavered.

Northam has a proven record of supporting common sense gun laws to keep the citizens of Virginia safe. As a state senator, he voted to close the Gun Show Loophole and to keep the One-Handgun-A-Month limit. He fought legislation to allow people to bring guns into bars and other places where alcohol is served. He voted to ban concealed carry privileges for those convicted of driving under the influence or public intoxication in other states. He also voted to enhance the background check system and to revoke concealed carry permits for those deemed by a judge as legally incompetent, mentally incapacitated, or who have been involuntarily committed. As the lieutenant governor, he cast a tie-breaking vote to block legislation that would have allowed Virginians to carry concealed weapons without permits.

As a hunter, an Army veteran and a doctor, Northam knows firsthand the damage caused by weapons of war and other firearms. He fully understands that gun violence is a public health issue that can be addressed only with increased access to mental health care, universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, and limits on high capacity magazines. He knows that we are capable of doing more — and that we must do more – to prevent another tragedy like Virginia Tech or Newtown.

After the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, Governor Dannel Malloy supported and signed into law the second strongest gun laws in the nation. These common sense gun laws are saving lives in Connecticut; however, over half a million Americans will have been killed or injured by guns in the five years since the Sandy Hook tragedy. We need the Governor of Virginia and those in other states to save American lives by rejecting the gun lobby’s money and extreme rhetoric. Here in Newtown, we know too well the devastating effect of a single episode of gun violence on families and an entire community.

In his race for governor, Northam has continued to fight for a safer Virginia and has spoken out on this critical public health issue while others have remained silent. We are very proud to support Lt. Governor Ralph Northam for Governor of Virginia.


Not authorized by any candidate. The Newtown Action Alliance ( is a grassroots organization formed after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It works to make America’s children, families, and all citizens safer through legislative and cultural change that will reduce gun violence. Newtown Action Alliance is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization. The costs of this announcement (which are de minimus) are paid by the Newtown Action Alliance. This endorsement is made independently, and is not coordinated with any campaign or political party.