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Petition to stand with the familes & survivors of gun violence to urge the Senate to pass S.42 Background Expansion Act.

The House of Representatives passed H.R. 8 Bipartisan Background Check Act on February 27, 2019. Sign our petition to support the families & survivors who are demanding action on S. 42 Background Expansion Act. -Newtown Action Alliance

Dear Senators:

We join the families and survivors who sent you this letter on March 13, 2019 to ask you to support Senator Chris Murphy’s background check bill. We demand that you hold a hearing and vote on THIS bill to #HonorWithAction to #EndGunViolence in America. Your thoughts and prayers are not protecting our children and families.


-Newtown Action Alliance

To All Of The Senators Who Support Universal Background Checks:

We the undersigned have all experienced gun violence firsthand and know the damage and havoc it wreaks on individuals, families and entire communities across America. Approximately 40,000 Americans lost their lives to guns in 2017 -- a completely unacceptable and horrific reality we are dedicated to changing. That’s why we were so thrilled to see the House of Representatives take a critical first step in reforming our broken gun laws by passing legislation that would extend background checks to every single firearm purchase.

We know this progress would not have been possible without the hard work of Americans all across the country who marched for gun reform, knocked on doors, registered millions of new voters, and ultimately voted out dozens of NRA-backed lawmakers. Americans’ participation in our democratic process significantly weakened the gun lobby and created the conditions that allowed the House to take this historic step.

We, the survivors of gun violence, organized and built coalitions across the country to make sure our voices are heard and change is made. We have supported and will continue to support lawmakers who champion gun safety and will collectively rally to replace those who do not.

We did our part. Now we’re calling on all of the senators who hugged us, marched with us, looked into our eyes when we visited your offices and promised us that you would do everything in your power to ensure gun tragedies don’t befall one more American community, to act.

We are calling on every single senator who supports background checks to go to the body of the Senate and begin discussing the bold policies we need to build a future with fewer guns -- and not stop until there is a vote on the first step toward that goal, universal background checks. This is doubly true for the senators who are running for president. They must prove to us that they can lead by doing everything in their power to get this through the Senate.

Now is the time for our champions to step up, against the odds, and speak for the 97% of Americans that support background checks.

We are calling on you to fight for us. Force the greatest deliberative body in the world to hold an up-or-down vote on this critical measure. We -- and almost all Americans -- are with you.

1. Ilan Alhadeff (Parkland, FL)

2. Lori Alhadeff (Parkland, FL)

3. Elaine Andrews-Ahearn (Hampton Falls, NH)

4. Steve Babcock (Tawas City, MI)

5. Pamela Barsam Brown (Boulder, CO)

6. Linda Beigel Schulman (Dix Hills, NY)

7. Linda Bertaut (Concord, CA)

8. Jeri W. Bishop (Pine Mountain, GA)

9. Michael Bishop (Pine Mountain, GA)

10. Jillian Boardman (Los Angeles, CA)

11. Tika Bordelon (Seattle, WA)

12. Pamela Bosley (Chicago, IL)

13. Nancy Bowman (Tucson, AZ)

14. LaTonya Boyd (Topeka, KS)

15. Aldane Brooks (Antioch, TN)

16. Shaundelle Brooks (Antioch, TN)

17. Jacqueline Brown (Gastonia, NC)

18. Stephanie Brown (Chicago, IL)

19. Vertina Brown (Brooklyn, NY)

20. Amy Bruner (Cedar Rapids, IA)

21. Milagros Burgos (Chicago, IL)

22. Rafael Burgos (Chicago, IL)

23. Tom Campbell (Danbury, CT)

24. Delphine Cherry (Hazel Crest, IL)

25. Natasha Christopher (Brooklyn, NY)

26. James A. Clark Jr. (Colorado Springs, CO)

27. Teri Clay-Poole (Olympia, WA)

28. Jaclyn Corin (Parkland, FL)

29. Yvonne Crasso (Middletown, CT)

30. Jayceen Craven Walker (Evanston, WY)

31. Lashea Cretain (San Diego, CA)

32. J. Denise Cromwell (North Charleston, SC)

33. Marie Curis (Oakhurst, NJ)

34. Abede Dasilva (Antioch, TN)

35. Amber Dasilva (Antioch, TN)

36. Mollie Davis (Great Mills, MD)

37. Marie Delus (New York City, NY)

38. Hollye Dexter (Los Angeles, CA)

39. Danielle Diliberti (Santa Monica, CA)

40. Doreen Dodgen-Magee (Portland, OR)

41. Ken Dorushka (Tucson, AZ)

42. Jane Dougherty (Littleton, CO)

43. Lisa Dowdy (La Jolla, CA)

44. Steven Dowdy (La Jolla, CA)

45. Romania Dukes (Miami, FL)

46. Brad Dupee (Superior, CO)

47. Mitchell Dworet (Coral Springs, FL)

48. Annika Dworet ( Coral Springs, Fl )

49. Diana Earl (Austin, TX)

50. Shami Espinoza (Orange, CT)

51. Karla Everett (Vancouver, WA)

52. Nicole Fitzpatrick (Grove City, OH)

53. Beverly Franklin (Phoenix, AZ)

54. Kristin Froehlich (Wilmington, DE)

55. Randy Gardner (Pasadena, CA)

56. Kimberley Gatbunton (Lakewood, WA)

57. Carol Gaxiola (Sahuarita, AZ)

58. Glenn Gilbert (Long Beach, CA)

59. Wayne Gilbert (Tiburon, CA)

60. Catherine Gill Kressley (Portsmouth, NH)

61. Andrew Goddard (Richmond, VA)

62. Colin Goddard (Bethesda, MD)

63. Emma Goddard (Washington, DC)

64. Jordan Gomes (Sandy Hook, CT)

65. Sharon Goshen (Palmer Lake, CO)

66. Marion Gray-Hopkins (Upper Marlboro, MD)

67. Bob Greene (Salem, NH)

68. Renae Greig (Carlsbad, CA)

69. Christine Griswold (Wilmington, DE)

70. Patricia Guastello (Indian Rocks Beach, FL)

71. Fred Guttenberg (Parkland, FL)

72. Jennifer Guttenberg (Parkland, FL)

73. Channing Haas (Henrico, VA)

74. Emily Haas (Madison, VA)

75. Lori Haas (Henrico, VA)

76. Townley Haas (Austin, TX)

77. Wyatt Haas (Richmond, VA)

78. Gwendolyn Halsey (Jersey City, NJ)

79. Vicki Hammond Gee (Tucson, AZ)

80. Kyle Helms (Seattle, WA)

81. Christian Heyne (Washington, DC)

82. Geraldine Hills (Phoenix, AZ)

83. Kait Hinckley (Salt Lake City, UT)

84. Debra Hixon (Parkland, FL)

85. CJ Hoekenga (Sandy Hook, CT)

86. Dana Horowitz (Stamford, CT)

87. Amanda Johnson (Dallas, TX)

88. Maria Jose Wright (Pinecrest, FL)

89. Rachael Joseph (Minneapolis, MN)

90. Mary Kay (Petersburg, IL)

91. Bill Kingston (New Castle, NH)

92. Cynthia Kirk (Tucson, AZ)

93. Mary Kirsling (Duluth, MN)

94. M. C. Kubiak (BMI, IL)

95. Karen Laakaniemi (Pensacola, FL)

96. Wendy Langeberg (West Jordan, UT)

97. Clai Lasher-Sommers (Westmoreland, NH)

98. Edward Laurson (Denver, CO)

99. Marsha Lee (Blue Island, IL)

100. Lonna Leghart (Vista, CA)

101. Jane Levene (Stamford, CT)

102. Tim Linerud (Belmont, CA)

103. Mia Livas Porter (Los Angeles, CA)

104. Demicha Lofton-Thomas (Los Angeles, CA)

105. Linda Luke (Belleville, MI)

106. Anne Lyczak (Portsmouth, NH)

107. Lindsay Lyons (Los Angeles, CA)

108. Sara Macaluso (West Hills, CA)

109. Eric Mace (Petersburg, IL)

110. Ann Madsen (Lynnwood, WA)

111. Thomas Magee (Portland, OR)

112. John Maisch (Tucson, AZ)

113. Patricia Maisch (Tucson, AZ)

114. Sean Maisch (Pasadena, CA)

115. Pat Margulies (Los Angeles, CA)

116. Mackenzie McAninch (Seattle, WA)

117. Marcel McClinton (Houston, TX)

118. Joy McGaugh (San Antonio, TX)

119. Kelli McLin (Long Beach, CA)

120. Ken McMillon (Fairfax, VA)

121. Dave Mills (Lockhart, TX)

122. Brenda K. Mitchell (University Park, IL)

123. Charlene Mokos Hoverter (Barnegat, NJ)

124. Cindy Montoya (Sierra Madre, CA)

125. Yvonne Murray (Menlo Park, CA)

126. Catherine Nelson (San Mateo, CA)

127. Alisha Nickols (Stockton, CA)

128. Emily Nottingham (Tucson, AZ)

129. Manuel Oliver (Parkland, FL)

130. Corey E. Olsen (Delafield, WI)

131. Rick & Martha Omilian (Plainwell, MI)

132. Marc Orfanos (Thousand Oaks, CA)

133. Lee Oxenham (Plainfield, NH)

134. Patricia Padauy (Coral Springs, FL)

135. Andy Parker (Collinsville, VA)

136. Barbara Parker (Collinsville, VA)

137. Deborah Parker (Tucson, AZ)

138. Drew Parker (Mount Airy, NC)

139. Karen Pandula (Sunnyvale, CA)

140. Louis Pandula (Sunnyvale, CA)

141. Nicholas Payne (New Milford, CT)

142. Khary Penebaker (Hartland, WI)

143. Joan Peterson (Duluth, MN)

144. Lonnie Phillips (Aurora, CO)

145. Sandy Phillips (Aurora, CO)

146. Maria Pike (Chicago, IL)

147. Chip Pryde (Flat Rock, NC)

148. Darryl Pyatt (Pawleys Island, SC)

149. Nell Pyatt (Pawleys Island, SC)

150. Barbara Ramirez (Sacramento, CA)

151. Peter Read (Annandale, VA)

152. Gwendolyn Reed (Myrtle Beach, SC)

153. Mary Reed (Oro Valley, AZ)

154. Judi Richardson (Portland, Maine)

155. Wayne Richardson (Portland, Maine)

156. Haley Rinehart (Bowling Green, KY)

157. Sharon Risher (Charlotte, NC)

158. Jeanette Richardson (Newport News, VA)

159. Judi Richardson (South Portland, ME)

160. Wayne Richardson (South Portland, ME)

161. Mary Rita Shank (Irvine, CA)

162. Helen Rodrigues (Windsor, CA)

163. Sharon Rosenberg (Sacramento, CA)

164. Aimee Rozen (San Francisco, CA)

165. Liz Russell (Napa, CA)

166. Debra Sawyer (East Hampstead, NH)

167. Michael Schulman (Parkland, FL)

168. Scott Schweizer (Norwalk, CT)

169. Clare Senchyna (San Francisco, CA)

170. Ruth Senchyna (Albany, NY)

171. Joan Shirley (Albuquerque, NM)

172. Kirsten Shirley (Albuquerque, NM)

173. Pam & Bruce Simon (Tucson, AZ)

174. Melissa Sisco (Carlsbad, CA)

175. Latoya Smith (East Hazel Crest, IL)

176. Sara Smith (New York, NY)

177. Kristin Song (Guilford, CT)

178. Kathy Soppet (Ashburn, VA)

179. Manjula Stokes (Santa Cruz, CA)

180. Barbara Stowe (Greer, SC)

181. Mary Streufert (Duluth, MN)

182. Richard Tam (San Jose, CA)

183. Cathy Taylor (Midlothian, TX)

184. Christine Thomas-Melly (Santa Rosa, CA)

185. Joseph Thomasson (Myrtle Beach, SC)

186. Trese Todd (Seattle, WA)

187. James Vallejos (Aurora, CO)

188. Jenaii Vandoten (Bronx, NY)

189. Suzanne Verge (Santa Monica, CA)

190. Judith M. Walter (Palmdale, CA)

191. Charles Ward (Daleville, VA)

192. James Ward (Seattle, WA)

193. Mary Ward (Daleville, VA)

194. Cindy Weever (Vista, CA)

195. Jane Weiss (Snohomish, WA)

196. Stephanie Wells (Carlsbad, CA)

197. Renee Wetzel (Lake Arrowhead, CA)

198. David Wheeler (Sandy Hook, CT)

199. Sofie Whitney (Parkland, FL)

200. Jean Wiant (Glenolden, PA)

201. John Wienert (Atlanta, GA)

202. Anita Wills (San Leandro, CA)

203. Antonius Wiriadjaja (New York, NY)

204. Brandon Wolf (Orlando, FL)

205. Aida Wright (Miami, FL)

206. Frederick Wright (Pinecrest, FL)



On National Day of Action June 20, 2019, THIS letter from families and survivors directly impacted by gun violence was sent to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to urge him to vote on S.42-Senator Chris Murphy’s Background Check bill.