Sign the Thank You Letter to Ed Stack, CEO of Dick's Sporting Goods.

In March, we sent the following open letter to Edward Stack, the CEO of Dick's Sporting Goods for his bold leadership in the retail sector to end gun violence in America. On May 3rd, we learned that Dick's Sporting Goods has retained Glover Park Group to lobby congress on gun reform. Please add your name to this thank you letter to Mr Stack. This letter has been signed by the families and survivors impacted by gun violence but we would like to send them more gratitude for his leadership. We hope other CEOs will follow his lead. 

Thank you so much!
-Newtown Action Alliance


March 4, 2018

Dear Mr. Edward Stack,

We are families, survivors and advocates directly impacted by gun violence in America, writing to you with our most heartfelt gratitude.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for flexing your corporate muscle to take a stand against the gun violence epidemic that plagues far too many American schools, communities, churches, malls, movie theaters, and city streets. Money talks. So do morals and common sense, and we are thrilled to see companies like Dicks Sporting Goods stepping up to do what Congress will not.

Thank you. We thank you for having the steadfast fortitude and bravery to stop selling semi-automatic assault rifles, high capacity magazines and increasing the age limit to purchase firearms from 18 to 21. 

We have been waiting for more Americans to say enough is enough. We have been working tirelessly as advocates to prevent another family from losing their loved ones to senseless and preventable gun violence. Now, the student survivors impacted by the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida are speaking up and demanding action, and we are so grateful to find a partner in advocacy with corporate America taking action to help end gun violence in America. When corporations take a stance, Congress will have no choice but to take action. 

You have helped to move us closer to the finish line and we thank you. We truly hope other corporations will follow your lead, and join us on the right side of history seeking safety in common sense gun legislation. One day when common sense laws are enacted and public safety ensured, people will look back and ask what took so long. 

Please know that we will always be grateful for Dick's Sporting Goods for taking the corporate lead and deciding that people matter over profits. We truly wish your profits grow exponentially because of your leadership. 

Thank you kindly,

Aija Ozois, daughter of Gwendolyn Laan Ozols, killed New Orleans, LA, 1980. 
Aimee Rozen, cousin of 12 year old Taylor Wheeler who was accidentally shot and killed by his friend who then shot and killed himself in Utah on 11/15/14. 
Anita Busch, family of Micayla Medek, 23, murdered along with 11 others and an unborn child in the Aurora Theater massacre in 2012.
Barbara and Andy Parker, parents journalist Alison Parker who was gunned down on live TV 08/26/2015 near Roanoke, VA.
Barbara Lund, my sister, was killed in a domestic shooting in Minnetonka, MN on 8/5/92.
Barbara Ramirez, mother of James murdered by gun violence 1/03/06 in Sacramento, CA. 
Bethany Webb, Sister of Laura Webb who was killed by gun violence in Seal Beach Ca. 10/12/2011.
Caren and Tom Teves, parents of Alexander Teves, 24, who was shot and killed in the Aurora, CO movie theater mass shooting on 7/20/12. 
Carol Gaxiola, mother of Jasmine who was taken by gun violence on 10/14/99.
Catherine Nelson, sister of gun violence survivor Lizzy who was shot in 1990 on her 16th birthday at a high school party by another teen. 
Christian Heyne, son of Jan Heyne who was taken by gun violence in Thousand Oaks, CA on 5/30/05.
Clare Senchyna, mother of Camilo killed in a random shooting in San Francisco, CA on 12/7/14.
David Wheeler, father of Ben Wheeler who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14/12. 
Deborah Hamilton, mother of Johnathan who was taken by gun violence in Los Angeles, Ca. on 5/11/83.
Deborah Parker, mother of Lindsay Key who was taken by gun violence in Chandler, AZ on 12/3/06.
Delphine Cherry Mother of Tyesa and Tyler was taken by gun violence Tyesa was taken in Chicago IL on 1/17/92 and Tyler was taken in Hazel crest IL on 12/22/12. 
Doreen Dodgen-Magee, Sister in Law of Laura and aunt of Sarah, Rachel, & April who were taken by gun violence in Scotts Mills, OR on 9/11/1995.
Dorothy Paugh, Daughter of Edwin who shot himself on 8/23/65 in Aberdeen, MD and mother of Peter who did the same on 4/2/12 in Nottingham, MD.
Eve Bernstein, Wife of Jerry Bernstein, murdered by gun in San Francisco,, Ca on 6/24/1991. 
Geraldine Hills, sister of Adam Hills ambushed and killed while of duty 10/18/94  by a suspect with an assault rifle.
Glenn Gilbert, brother of Dr. Ronald F. Gilbert , who was taken by gun violence on 1/28/13.
Jane Weiss, Aunt of Veronika Weiss, taken in a rampage in Isla Vista, CA on 5/23/14.
Joy McCormack, Mother of Frankie Valencia who was taken by a semi-automatic weapon and high capacity magazine gun violence in Chicago on 10/31/09.
Judi & Wayne Richardson, parents of Darien Richardson taken by gun violence in Portland, Maine ~ shot several times on 1/8/10 died as result of her gunshot injuries on 2/28/10.
Kelley Ireland, mother of Leslie Grant Mofford and survivor of gun violence. 
Kenneth & Carol Dorushka, survivors of a shooting in Tucson,AZ on 01/08/11.
Khary Penebaker, son of Joyce Penebaker who shot & killed herself in Cincinnati, OH on 9-8-79.
Kristin Froehlich, Sister of David who was taken by gun violence in Georgetown, CT on 4/18/95.
LaTonya Boyd, mother of Tyesha McNair taken by gun violence on 10/13/09 and a survivor of of gun violence in Topeka Kansas 3/2018.
LeeLee Cusenza, sister of Michele Fast who was taken by gun violence in Oct. 2011, in Seal Beach, CA.
Maria Climaco, mother of AYA NAKANO who was shot and killed on his way home from a pickup basketball on 6/12/13, the eve of his 23rd birthday.
Maria Pike, mother of Ricky Pike who was shot multiple times trying to park 8/3/12. 
Maria Wright, mother of Jerry who was killed at Pulse Orlando, FL on 6/12/16.
Marina Delgado, Sister of Alex who was taken by gun violence in Pomona, CA on 1/19/04.
Mark & Jackie Barden, parents of Daniel Barden who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14/12. 
Marsha Lee, Ma of Tommy Lee who was taken by gun violence in Harvey, IL on 8/13/08. 
Mary Long, mother of Eric Williams who was taken by gun violence in Chicago, Il. on 03-12-2012.
Megan Ackerman, great-neice of Stephanie Shine who was taken by gun violence in Los Angeles, CA 1987; cousin of  Matthew Shlonsky who was taken away by gun violence in Washington, DC on 8/15/15; and a survivor of a shooting outside Taft High School in Woodland Hills, CA on 9/9/03 and in Los Angeles, CA on 1/27/12. 
Melody Geddis McFadden, Daughter of Patricia Ann Geddis who was taken by gun violence in Cottageville SC in 1983. Auntie of Sandy PaTrice Geddis Barnwell who was taken by gun violence in Mrytle Beach, SC on 5/24/14. 
Natasha Christopher, mother of the late Akeal Christopher who was taken by gun violence on Brooklyn N.Y. on 07/10/12.
Nicole Fitzpatrick, mom of Jaiden who is forever 9 yrs old because he was taken by gun violence in Grove City, OH on 11/23/13.
Pam Bosley, mother of Terrell who was taken at the age of 18 by senseless  gun violence on the grounds of a church in Chicago, Ill on 4/4/06.
Pau Kemp, brother-in-law of Steve Forsyth was killed by gunman armed with a Stag-15 on 12/11/12 at Clackamas Town Center Mall.
Rachael Joseph, niece of Shelley Joseph-Kordell murdered in the Hennepin County courthouse shooting on 9/29/03.
Rosa Sanders, mother of Kevin Anthony who was taken by gun violence in Cicero, Illinois at the tender age of 15 on 11/22/10.
Roxanna Green, mother of Christina-Taylor Green, shot & killed in Tucson, AZ on 1/8/11. 
Ruth Senchyna, aunt of Camilo Senchyna Beltran killed in a random shooting in San Francisco, CA on 12/7/14. 
Sandy Phillips, mother of Jessi who was shot 6 times by an AR15 that ripped her to pieces at the Aurora Colorado Movie Theater (Batman movie) in 2012.
Shenee Johnson, mother of Kedrick Ali Morrow Jr. who was taken by gun violence in Queens N.Y.  on 5/15/10. 
Stephanie Brown, mother of Darius Brown who was taken by gun violence on 8/3/2011 at the age of 13 in Chicago, Il. 
Sydney Montstream-Quas, cousin of John Montstream, domestic gun violence victim in Rochester, NY on 6/28/98.
Tom Campbell, son of John Campbell who was shot to death in NYC 1965.
Tymeka Woods, who lost Michael Flournoy who was taken by gun violence in chicago, Il on 4/5/14.
Virginia and Nicholas Payne, parents of Rebecca Payne who was taken by gun violence in Boston, MA on 5/20/08.
Barbara Gaines, husband was on the Board of Education at the time of the Sandy Hook Shooting on 12/14.  The long term effects of this incident are still being felt today within my family.
Clai Lasher-Sommers, survivor of a Domestic Violence shooting, Westmoreland, New Hampshire on 1/13/70.
Haley Rinehart, mother of Eli who is a survivor of an shooting in 2002 when a negligent gun owner left an unsecured gun out where children had access to it.
Jessica Milam, survivor of the mass shooting at Route 91 Harvest country music festical mass shooting in Las Vegas, NV on 10/01/17. 
Joan Shirley, mother of Kevin who was shot to death in Sandia Park, NM 05/29/99.
Kimberly Brusk, survivor of domestic and gun violence in Muskegon, MI on 10/27/09.
Maria Milam, mother of a survivor of the Route 91 Harvest country music festival mass shooting in Las Vegas on 10/1/17.
Mary Loder, mother of two daughters who survived the shooting at Chardon High in 2012.
Pam Simon, wounded in shooting in Tucson, Arizona 1/8/11.
Patricia Maisch, a survivor of the 1/8/11 mass shooting in Tucson at Representative Gabrielle Gifford's Congress on Your Corner event.
Randy Gardner, a survivor of mass shooting in Tucson, AZ 1/8/11.