National Campaign to #VoteThemOut to #EndGunViolence in America

We shed tears for the Parkland community. Those of us living in Newtown lived through the same senseless and preventable school shooting in 2012. 

Today, we are full of outrage and we are making a pledge to vote out all politicians who take blood money from the NRA. These craven politicians are working on the gun industry's guns-for-anyone-everywhere agenda instead of passing gun control laws to protect our children in our schools, in our streets and in all public places. The current President and too many Republican members of the 115th Congress have demonstrated that they will not take any action - even after the deadly Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs mass shooting incidents. 

Any elected official who only sends thoughts and prayers after this latest heartbreaking shooting is willing to sacrifice our children to protect the gun industry profits and they should be voted out in 2018 and 2020.

Our children deserve to go to school to learn THEN return home safely at the end of the day!

Sign up HERE to make a pledge and to help our National Campaign to #VoteThemOut to #EndGunViolence in America. We will be endorsing candidates across the nation who will stand with us. 95% of Americans support universal background checks on gun sales and 65% of Americans support a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

It's time for our elected representatives to listen to us or get voted out. 

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