2nd Amendment Event Success

Thanks to all for the tremendous turnout and success of the Lecture on the 2nd Amendment by Dr. Saul Cornell. We are working to post the materials and playback.  Here are some of the responses we've received. Here are a few responses from our recent guest speaker.


It was an important 1st step demonstrating a unity of purpose. ... The take-away is massive grassroots public effort, 1-issue voting and improve the message. We must all work jointly. There is no 2nd Amendment problem. Guns can be regulated and laws passed. We do it in California!


Excellent in-depth lecture about the history of the 2nd amendment. I learned so much (via livestream) and have a much better understanding of how the NRA has essentially highjacked the 2nd amendment for its own agenda. I now know what I can do as a citizen to fight for common sense gun control. Thank you for hosting this event.

Love this.  Very informative.

Thanks for providing this great seminar. I learned a lot about how to respond to the constant refrain from gun advocates about the 2nd Amendment.

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