North Carolina Couple Walking From Sandy Hook To DC

Over the past few weeks, a gentleman by the name of John Phelps has been in contact with us. After the Senate vote, this retired chemist simply felt he had to do something. This North Carolina resident is choosing to walk his message from Sandy Hook to DC and carry his message of change with him and who ever cares to join. To document his journey he opened a blog at . Take a minute to encourage him on his journey...or better yet, walk along side for a part of the trip.  

The following is his press release:

For Immediate Release
John Phelps
(910) 547-5735

North Carolina Man Organizes 300-Mile March in Call for Gun Reform

WILMINGTON, N.C. ( May 3, 2013 ) – Gun Control Today ( GCT ), a grass roots group of ordinary citizens, has announced its march to Washington, D.C., beginning on May 18 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  John Phelps, GCT founder, released this statement:

“ The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School compels each of us to demand stricter gun control legislation.  Everyone in our nation feels the pain of this massacre, and should demand that Congress pass responsible, reasonable gun control laws.  Our march is a response to Congress’s failure to act regardless of  the majority of Americans who favor stronger gun control legislation.  We encourage participants to join the march at any point along the route, and for any distance that suits them.  Make your voice heard! “

GCT will begin its 10 day march on May 18 at 8 am near the Sandy Hook Elementary School and will pass through New York City on May 20, Philadelphia on May 23 and Baltimore on May 26, ending at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. on May 27.  On May 28 participants will meet with Margaret Lawrynowicz, firearms staffer for Senator Kay Hagan.

For more information on GCT and the march visit

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