Newtown Action Alliance Applauds the Connecticut General Assembly for Passing Sweeping Gun Safety Measures

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April 5, 2013

Contact: Po Murray, Vice Chair



Newtown Action Alliance Applauds the Connecticut General Assembly for Passing Sweeping Gun Safety Measures

CT Gun Violence Prevention and Child Safety Act Signed into Law

Newtown – The Newtown Action Alliance applauds Governor Malloy and our state legislators on both sides of the aisle for their leadership and hard work in producing a bipartisan bill that provides the most comprehensive gun safety regulations in the country without infringing on the rights of anyone to bear arms.

“As strong as these new laws may be here in Connecticut, we recognize that there is much more work to be done, legislatively and otherwise, to make our towns and cities across the country safer from gun violence,” said Dave Ackert, founder and chairman of Newtown Action Alliance. “We will continue to work hard at the local, state and national levels for sensible gun regulations and cultural change.”

Since its inception, the Newtown Action Alliance has worked with its alliance partners, including Connecticut Against Gun Violence and March for Change, to advocate for the strongest gun safety laws in Connecticut.

“Our work is not done on the state level,” said Po Murray, vice chairman. “Research shows that stronger legislation leads to reduced gun violence and death. We will make sure that Connecticut’s new laws are properly implemented so that what happened in Newtown on December 14, 2012 never happens again anywhere else.”

“Connecticut’s gun legislation serves as a model of bipartisan leadership,” said Monte Frank, a board member of Newtown Action Alliance. “We call on the lawmakers across the country and in the nation’s Capitol to follow Connecticut’s lead by focusing on the safety of their constituents and communities instead of on the demands of the gun lobby.”

The grassroots organization hopes to transform the Newtown tragedy of December 14, 2012 into meaningful action and cultural change. Newtown Action Alliance is reaching out to all 50 states to mobilize citizens into taking action to reverse the epidemic of gun violence in the nation.  Anyone interested in working side-by-side with Newtown Action Alliance should contact the organization at

About Newtown Action Alliance

Newtown Action Alliance is an action-based grassroots organization founded by Newtown residents in the weeks after December 14, 2012.  We are dedicated to reversing the escalating gun violence epidemic in this nation and being a catalyst for smarter, safer gun laws and broader cultural change.  Our membership is open to anyone who wants to help make this nation a safer place for our families.  Our immediate goals: support local, state and national legislators as they work to pass smarter, safer gun laws; and work together with other anti-gun violence organizations for safer schools, streets, towns, and cities.  Learn more at